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I’ve been a professional programmer since 1998, a Bitcoiner since 2011 and a Bitcoin open source contributor since 2013. This newsletter has been running since 2017. I’ve also published 4 books on Bitcoin have a podcast about Bitcoin, have spoken at dozens of Bitcoin conferences and have Bitcoin tattooed on my leg. OK, that last one is not true, but I’m obsessed with Bitcoin.

I provide links and analysis of academic papers, Bitcoin improvement proposals, new hardware and services. I also pay close attention to the Lightning network, economic and policy news and altcoin shenanigans.

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Wait, you have to pay?

Yep. As airdrops have shown over the years, giving something away for free makes people think it’s not valuable. I want you to have some skin in the game to get it consistently.

For those open source contributors to Bitcoin projects, this newsletter will always be free. For those that are not, you’ll get 1 free newsletter the first Monday of every month until the end of 2022.

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Fiat delenda est. (fiat money must be destroyed)


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