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Bitcoin Tech Talk: Bitcoin from a Technical Perspective

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

This is a newsletter about Bitcoin from a technical perspective. I’ve been a professional programmer since 1998, a Bitcoiner since 2011 and a Bitcoin open source contributor since 2013. I pay attention to all the technical news in this space and strive to inform those of you who may have missed the news coming through.

We’re all inundated with news, especially about crypto. I filter through all the junk and marketing material and tell you every Monday about all the things that matter to Bitcoin in the past week. This can be anything from Bitcoin-dev mailing list discussions to product announcements to the latest security breach. This is a newletter that distills the news down to the stuff that matters technically.

The newsletter goes out every Monday morning and it’s been running since 2017. I also do a podcast if reading lots of text isn’t your thing.

Hopefully you find this valuable.

Fiat delenda est,

Jimmy Song